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Your Baby at 9 Weeks

Congratulations, week 9 of your pregnancy is now in full effect. Your baby has graduated this week from an embryo to a fetus, yay baby! Measuring in at a whopping .9 inches and .07 oz your itty bitty baby is growing fast. Fingers and toes are now visible and, the heart, lungs, brain, kidneys, and liver are on their way in the development process. Speaking of the heart, you can hear your baby's heartbeat via ultrasound and may even be able to hear it with your doctors doppler if your baby is in the right position and with a little luck. Don't worry if you can't or your doctor doesn't try because 9 weekers have a track record hiding in places or being turned so it makes it difficult at this stage. With every passing day your little one is looking and acting more and more baby'ish. Tiny muscles are starting to form and get stronger so that in just a short month or two you will start to feel those kicks and punches. Don't forget, this week you can find out the gender of your baby too! With What Will It Bee, early DNA gender testing you can even have your gender results as soon as the very next day. Isn't week 9 of your pregnancy just amazing!

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