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YES, you can find our your baby's gender starting at just 9 weeks into your pregnancy!

Technology has come a very long way in the past decade and, if you are pregnant, you can now take full advantage of DNA testing advancements to find out the gender of your baby sooner. Starting at just 9 weeks into your pregnancy What Will It Bee Early DNA Gender Testing, located in South Jersey, will coordinate the phlebotomist, testing location, provide Sneak Peek Clinical testing kits, prepare, and hand deliver your sample to the shipping facility. This new elective service is provided without a doctors prescription, without insurance, without a high copay/out of pocket expense, and without a long wait for results. With standard gender results hitting your email in just 2 days and express results showing up the very next day, this is the fastest DNA Gender Test turn around out there.

So, if you just need to know the gender of your baby as soon as possible, What Will It Be DNA is there to help.

Book your appointment by visiting today!

Currently accepting appointment for our testing location in Mays Landing at Bellyssimo, an amazing ultrasound studio providing services to expecting families since 2009.

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