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How early can I find out the gender of my baby?

Thanks to all the advancements in technology over the years, you now have more options then ever before to find out the gender of your baby. We no longer live in a time where you have to wait until your baby is born or even your 20 week anatomy ultrasound to find out. Let's start with the earliest option and work our way up.

At just 9 weeks into pregnancy early DNA gender testing, like the one What Will It Bee offers, is currently the earliest gender determination with the fastest result turn around option available to newly expecting moms. This is an elective blood test to find out the gender of your baby without a doctors prescription or insurance. Results are 99.8% accurate and available as soon as the next day. The lab conducting the testing is just like the lab your medical professionals sends their samples to every day.

The next option you may or may not have available to you is around 10-12 weeks with your doctor. Because this is part of your medical screening you may or may not be offered to find out the gender of your baby with this test depending on your insurance. If it is available to you, you may have a co-pay to cover this portion of the testing as it is not diagnostically necessary. If your are one of the fortunate patients where your out of pocket is affordable you will still have to wait about 2 weeks for your results to come back from the lab. Remember, the gender screening is combined with several other very important medical test and therefor takes a little time to make sure you and your baby are healthy.

The third option on the list will let you find out the gender of your baby around 14 weeks into your pregnancy via ultrasound. If you have an elective studio in your neighborhood, like we do, they may offer a gender determination ultrasound package starting at 14 weeks. We are lucky to have Bellyssimo a local ultrasound studio that we collaborate with as one of our DNA gender testing sites. Not all ultrasound studios will offer this gender ultrasound at this early stage like Bellyssimo does but, if you have a local studio it's worth a call to find out. At the very least they will have a gender ultrasound package starting around 17 weeks for you to choose.

Last but not least, you will almost always have the option of finding out the gender of you baby at your 20 week ultrasound with your prenatal care provider or local imaging facility. I say almost always because if your baby is shy and the tech isn't able to see the gender they may or may not have the time to wait your baby out. Keep in mind they have a very important job to do during your ultrasound and that's to make sure your baby is healthy and thriving. On the rare occasion gender determination doesn't happen at this appointment, and you are not having another diagnostic ultrasound, you always have the option of seeking out an elective ultrasound studio as we mentioned above.

With all these options available I think it's safe to say that having a baby in 2018 and beyond is pretty great!

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